What a marvelous year we had! We are closed for the season. We will be welcoming Guests to our gorgeous park again on March 7, 2020.


What are your prices/hours?

These vary from season to season. Please see these pages for rates and hours.

How much of the experience is outdoors? Do you do shows in rain?

This also varies slightly according to the season. When it is chilly in spring and fall, our attraction is roughly 80% indoors and 20% outdoors. As things warm up and summer arrives, this shifts to about 50% indoors and 50% outdoors.

  • INDOORS: The majority of our reptile displays are indoors and can be enjoyed anytime. In spring and fall, our snake and bird shows are primarily indoors unless the weather is warm. There is a lush garden in the Safari Room. The giant tortoises have their own building that can always be visited. You will be able to enjoy exhibits, plants, and bird/snake shows regardless of weather (unless the weather is extreme and we are closed!)
  • OUTDOORS: Our bald eagle and prairie dog town are outside year-round. During the summer, we move all of our shows outside and add an alligator show to our schedule. The bleachers are covered, to provide some shade and protection from precipitation for our Guests. During the summer, shows will continue regardless of rain, unless it is hailing or lightning is very close – we want our staff and our Guests to be safe! Tortuga falls and the many flower beds on grounds are outside. 

When are the shows?

Show times and availability vary from season to season. These links can direct you to our show descriptions and schedules: Snake Show, Bird ShowAlligator Show

Are shows included in the price of admission?

Yes! Your admission covers all three shows (bird, snake, and in the summer, the alligator show). You can even watch the same show twice if you like.

Are strollers available to rent?

We have roughly 10 strollers available free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is the park handicap accessible?

Yes! The paths are paved. There is a lift available for those who need assistance getting to and from the 2nd floor of the Sky Dome.

Are wheelchairs available?

Yes, we have a few wheelchairs available for use free of charge, on a first-come first-serve basis.

Is the parking lot big enough for my RV or trailer?

It sure is! Our parking lot is quite large.

Can I bring food? Is there food available there?

In the spring and fall, you are welcome to bring food along if you like. Our gift store stocks snacks like chips, jerky, and soda year round. In the spring and fall our gift store has a selection of refrigerated sandwiches as well as hummus, fruit cups, chips, jerky, specialty sodas, and many other snacks.

In the summer our Green Parrot Café is open and serving hot food and cold treats (hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, taco salads, ice cream, coffee). During this season, we ask that you not bring large coolers or outside meals onto the grounds. There is a shady stand of trees on the south side of the parking lot that lends itself well to picnicking.

If you need to, you can enter the park, leave to have lunch (in the parking lot or at one of Rapid City’s delicious restaurants), and return to continue enjoying the Gardens. Just make sure to get a season pass or vacation pass prior to leaving.

Water bottles are always welcome. There is a water fountain in the lower ring of the Sky Dome. If you have small children and need to keep a few small snacks in a purse or diaper bag, feel free to do so.

How do I get a season pass?

Anyone who pays full admission can receive a free season pass to Reptile Gardens. Just ask about the pass at our admissions desk when purchasing admission, and we will fill one out for you at our Guest Services area.

If your first visit to RG during the calendar year is with a group at a discounted group rate, and you would like a season pass, you can pay the difference (between the group rate and full admission) and receive your season pass.

You can receive a season pass at any time of year, but of course, you’ll get the most use out of it if you get one in the spring!

How long is the season pass good for?

Each season pass covers admission for one individual for the rest of the calendar year. We are generally open the first Saturday of March until the last day of November.

What’s the difference between a season pass and a vacation pass?

A season pass lasts through November 30. A vacation pass lasts for 10 days, so that Guests visiting from far away can visit again during their vacation. There is no difference in cost. Ask for whichever pass suits your needs!

Are you open on holidays?

We are open on most holidays (Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day). We are closed on Thanksgiving day, and from December through February.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, Guests with military or veteran IDs and their spouses receive a discount on admission and in our gift store. Please visit our rates page for discounts by season

Can I donate my pet reptile/bird/frog?

Unfortunately, like most zoos, Reptile Gardens is unable to take in unwanted or abandoned animals. The best place to look for a home for an unwanted animal is on the internet. Search for "Reptile Rescue" to see if there is one near you. Once you find a rescue facility, you might want to check into them a little, as with all things, there are good and bad reptile rescue facilities. Other options include the local pet stores, newspapers which often offer free classified ads for lost animals, Craig's List, and Facebook groups dedicated to finding homes for unwanted reptiles.

I found a wild injured reptile/bird, can I bring it to you for help?

We do not have the facilities or Federal permit for wildlife rehabilitation. If you are concerned about an injured bird of prey, you can contact the Black Hills Raptor Center (blackhillsraptorcenter.org), an all-volunteer nonprofit that can help you assess the situation.

There's a rattlesnake in my yard! Can you come get it?

If you are within Rapid CIty limits, you can contact Animal Control (605-394-4132) and they can provide assistance removing dangerous wildlife from your property. If you are outside of the city limits, you can reach out to the Pennington County Sheriff's office (605-394-6113) and they may be able provide help. We are usually unable to go on trips to remove snakes, but you can certainly call us if you'd like advice on identifying ways to prevent snakes from gathering in you home. 

Do you have an ATM?

Yes, the lobby in our gift store has an ATM.

What can we pet while we are there?

For obvious reasons, Guests cannot pet the rattlesnakes, cobras, or cactuses.

There is an opportunity at the end of each snake show to pet a python! We offer snake shows every day we are open. On warm days when the giant tortoises are outside, you are welcome to feel their shells and gently scratch their necks. At the end of our summer gator shows, there is also a chance to pet a young alligator.

How long should we plan to visit?

It depends on your level of enthusiam for reptiles! Most families average about 2 1/2 - 3 hours in the summer, and 2 hours in the spring and fall.


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