Bird Shows will be offered daily from March 2 through May 23, 2024 and September 3 through October 31, 2024. These Spring and Fall shows are weather-dependent for the safety of our animals. In our area, weather can change rapidly, if you'd like to know current show times, please call us at 605-342-5873


This is a wonderful show for bird lovers (or snake avoiders). Each 20-25 minute program is hosted by our knowledgeable trainers and features birds from around the world. Birds in the wild can be hard to find, and difficult to see well, but Guests to our shows will get a top-notch view

Bird Fun Facts

  1. To call a person a “vulture” is no compliment – but by cleaning up carcasses, vultures actually play a critical role in limiting the spread of disease!
  2. You’d have to be pretty hungry to try to hunt and eat a rattlesnake, but red-tailed hawks have a strategy: they spread their wings, which increases the chance that the rattler will strike harmlessly at their feathers. If the rattler does lunge, it exposes itself and the hawk has a chance to seize and disable the snake.
  3. A bird's feathers usually weigh more than its skeleton does - their bones are honeycombed and mostly hollow, but are structurally strong.
  4. Owls are known for producing pellets, which are compressed packets of fur and bone they are unable to digest. What you might not know is that other raptors also produce pellets! However, their pellets are a bit less interesting as most of the bones are digested away, leaving mostly fur and feathers.
  5. Laughing Kookaburras are the world’s largest kingfisher. However, it’s more common to see them eating mice, lizards, and snakes than fish. 

Animal Artists at Reptile Gardens

Some of our avian residents love to paint.  You may walk by a spontaneous painting session during your visit, and even get a chance to hold the canvas for the parrot! If a piece of art really moves you, you can purchase it and take it home. Proceeds go to support the artists (OK, we buy them treats) and to some amazing wildlife charities: Idea Wild, Galapagos Conservancy, and the Black Hills Raptor Center.

Image of a macaw painting with a sponge, helped by a staff person

Image of an abstract painting created by a parrot



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We love all animals, wild and domesticated. Unfortunately due to a high number of recent incidents with dogs, our insurance company has advised us that we can no longer allow dogs, or other personal pets, on the Reptile Gardens grounds. ADA approved service dogs are, of course, allowed although there are three areas where they are not allowed for their safety and the safety of our animals. We do offer a shaded grassy area adjacent to our parking lot for walking your dog. We only ask that your pet be leashed and attended to at all times. You are welcome to come and go from the park as often as you like to tend to your dog. For more information, visit our FAQ Page


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