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Botanical Gardens

Stroll through our veritable garden oasis of colorful blooms, lush vegetation, and well-manicured lawns. Every spring, we plant over 40,000 flowering plants that provide an exotic backdrop for the vibrant colors and patterns in countless stunning flowerbeds, rock gardens, flowering vines, and fruit trees. Take in the beauty of our Living Wall, or spend some time relaxing in the tranquil Tortuga Falls.

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Explore the Jungle!

Sky Dome

Get ready for a safari in our famous two-level Sky Dome! The Safari Room is a tropical oasis filled with hundreds of beautiful orchids, bromeliads, and caladiums, other tropical plants. Encounter sculptures from Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia as free-roaming lizards and frogs welcome you and the family. The mezzanine level houses the largest collection of reptiles in the world! Venture down below to the lower level where Maniac and his crocodilian friends, along with the amphibians and our BIG BUGS! dwell.

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Get Down and Dirty!

Prairie Dog Town

Did you know that Prairie Dogs are highly social, just like humans? Their towns can cover hundreds of acres and include a number of family groups called coteries. Get down to prairie dog level in our underground bubble and watch these little furry creatures frolic and play in our Prairie Dog Town!

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Take It Slow!

Giant Tortoises

Our famous Aldabra Tortoises, Tank, Samson and Orville know the secret to a good life. These gentle giants always take it slow and they don't stress going from one place to another. Get up close, get personal, and give them some love. Be sure to take lots of pictures (the camera loves them)!

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Giant Tortoises
Come mingle with these gentle, giant tortoises. Our Aldabra Tortoises know how to take it easy, love attention, and are great with kids!

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Maniac the Giant Crocodile

Maniac is one of a few giant saltwater crocodiles in the known world. At nearly 16 feet long and roughly 1,250 pounds, he is one of the largest giant crocodiles in the western hemisphere.

Skydome Interior-001

Sky Dome
The Sky Dome at Reptile Gardens is one of the most recognizable South Dakota attractions. Visit a tropical oasis filled with rare & unique flora and fauna.

Sky Dome  

Are you ready for an adventure that’s fun for the whole family?

Reptile Gardens has more species and subspecies of reptiles than any other zoo or wild animal park in the world! Reptile Gardens is a premier South Dakota destination that houses some of the world’s deadliest snakes and is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest Reptile Zoo.


Beautiful Botanical Gardens

Image of a Dutchman's Pipe.

Dutchman's Pipe

Image of a Torch Ginger.

Torch Ginger

Image of a Passion Fruit flower.

Passion Flower

Reptile Gardens is a unique animal park set in beautiful botanical gardens. Acres of lush flowers and foliage create a wonderful setting for you to enjoy the shows and experience the exhibits and attractions. From Tortuga Falls to our Living Wall, the botanical gardens across the grounds at Reptile Gardens are a truly beautiful sight you won’t find at other South Dakota attractions.

Reptile Gardens is a South Dakota attraction the whole family can enjoy. Experience the thrills, explore the grounds, and learn about reptiles, one of nature’s beautiful but, often misunderstood creatures.

Guinness World Records - Meet The Record Breakers

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Botanical Gardens


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