While our facility is still closed to the public, our staff is hard at work coming up with a plan to re-open that best fits the needs of our Guests and staff. We are taking everything day by day, but are tentatively planning to open on June 15th.

Scales and Tales

Welcome to Reptile Gardens' Blog!

Reptile GardensReptile Gardens

Welcome to our new blog!

We started this blog because many of you have questions about reptiles and about Reptile Gardens.

Some of what we offer here will be technical, some fun, and some will simply be news.

We also see and receive so many web posts of photos and information concerning reptiles that are exaggerated or just plain untrue. As the premier reptile collection in the world, we feel a need to address these "reptile myths" and tall tales.

And, with so much going on with our staff and our reptile collection, we want to keep you up to date on all our happenings as well.

Feel free to join our ongoing dialogue!



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We are unable to offer shows for the 2020 season. Admission rates for 2020 have been reduced to reflect this change. We plan to offer our full schedule of shows for the 2021 season.



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