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Unique Holiday Gifts Available at Reptile Gardens, Including Amethyst Geodes and Himalayan Salt Lamps

Christmas may be three months away, but Reptile Gardens is stocking up on gifts to get ready for the upcoming holiday season.

Skip past the traffic, high tempers, and prices of the holiday and visit the gift shop at Reptile Gardens to find a variety of items ranging from clothing to New Guinea artifacts. Find something for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list, or simply something creative to give your other animals, art and history lovers.

Stop into the gift shop and check out the newest additions, which include four tons (really!) of new rocks and minerals from Brazil. There are stunning amethyst geodes -- ranging from a foot tall to five-feet tall, as well as colorful agate slabs, quartz crystals and more.

In addition, visitors to the gift shop can also find the very popular salt lamps, made from chunks of Himalayan pink salt. As the salt warms from the bulb, the lamp is said to emit negative ions that cleanse the air as well as give off a beautiful pink glow.

While you're visiting, forget the typical stocking stuffers you were considering before and explore the many unique gifts that can be found at the Reptile Park gift shop.

"We have a bunch of cool little items that would make great stuffers," said Joe Maierhauser, Reptile Garden's CEO. "We bought out an entire warehouse of colorful and fun woodcarvings that normally sell for $10 to $90 but because of the great deal we got they are now available for $3 to $25, so now is the perfect time to stop in to shop."

Pick from an array of gifts such as plush toys and educational books; delicate jewelry, an assortment of beads, and hand woven scarves; or even handpicked collector's items such as New Guinea tribal masks or primitive weapons. With so much to choose from, Reptile Gardens has a gift to surprise and delight anyone.

To view the full inventory and find your unique holiday gifts, stop by Reptile Gardens — they are located just south of Rapid City on Hwy. 16.

The park is open for their fall season hours from 9 a.m. — 4 p.m. until October 31. November hours are 9 a.m. — 3 p.m.



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