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Reptile Gardens offers a Rapid City attraction that parents love as much as kids

Smile and say gator!

Rapid City, S.D. — Family vacations are often focused on children.

Although adults receive a well deserved break from everyday stress and work, children usually serve as the center of attention during a family trip. However, not all family vacation destinations differentiate the two. Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, SD, is a Black Hills destination that has fun attractions for the entire family- adults included.

With both the "Reptile" and the "Garden" characteristics of its name, the local animal park encompasses exciting attractions that will fascinate not only those looking for a sanctuary of beautiful flowers, flourishing vegetation, trees, tropical plants, orchids, and bromeliads but also those who want to discover a world of exotic amphibians, bugs, and reptiles.

While guests of the renowned reptile park risk running into an occasional friendly lizard in the Sky Dome or encountering a giant yet welcoming tortoise, they can also obtain a unique education about the many species of animals within Reptile Gardens. Guests of all ages can enjoy learning about the assorted types of animals, from both an instructive and humorous point of view. Greet and meet birds from around the world, receive training on how to handle snake encounters, and watch a fearless demonstration of just what alligators and crocodiles can do.

Recently featured in the Denver Post as a family friendly vacation destination, Reptile Gardens gives both children and adults the chance to unwind and relax while still learning something new on their vacation and have a lot of fun while doing it. To view the full article featured in the Denver Post visit: .

Offering younger guests the chance to burn off some of their liveliness in Bewitched Village, a place where they can sluice for gemstones and arrowheads or experience a black light 3D safari with its notorious spinning black hole, or play at the new fun Methuselah's Playground. Other guests have the opportunity to view a 16-foot Giant Saltwater Crocodile. Reptile Gardens provides exhilarating entertainment for all ages. To see a complete list of attractions at this Rapid City destination, go to /attractions/ .

Whether families are in search of amusement for children or activities for adults, Reptile Gardens is a destination to visit on your family vacation.


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Reptile Gardens maintains one of the world's finest collections of reptiles. To learn more about Reptile Gardens' employment opportunities, hours, admission costs and season pass specials, call (605) 342-5873 or visit their website:



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