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New Arrivals added to the collection of exotic inhabitants at Reptile Gardens

Wondering what is new at Reptile Gardens?

The reptile park is delighted to announce the addition of Moon Crabs and Camel Spiders to their collection for visitors to observe and enjoy.

"We are always happy to get something new and exciting for visitors," said Joe Maierhauser, Reptile Garden's CEO. "Right now is the perfect time for people to come check them out because the weather is cooler and the park is not as busy."

Gecarcinus Quadratus, commonly known as Moon Crabs, are distinguished by their large purple claws and colorful shell. Visitors can now catch a glimpse of the nocturnal crustaceans even during the day as the Moon Crabs get situated in the Safari Room at Reptile Gardens.

Camel Spiders, also called Solifugae, can get up to 12 inches long, have powerful jaws to pulverize their prey, and can reputedly run 10 MPH. Also known as Wind Scorpions, these intriguing creatures can now be viewed up-close by visitors of the park.

Come say hello to the new arrivals or visit the other exotic inhabitants at Reptile Gardens.



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