We are closed for the season. Thank you all for your support and love this year. See you on March 6th!




When are the shows?

Show times and availability vary from season to season. These links can direct you to our show descriptions and schedules: Snake Show, Bird ShowAlligator Show

Are shows included in the price of admission?

Yes! Your admission covers all three shows (bird, snake, and in the summer, the alligator show). You can even watch the same show twice if you like.

How long does each show last?

Our summer shows last about 20-25 minutes. This allows time for Guests to make it to the next show if desired. Our spring and fall Snake and Bird shows usually last 20-25 minutes, but have more of a cushion between shows, and may go longer if you have excellent questions!

Do you do shows in rain?

If it rains during the summer, we will continue shows as usual. The audience areas are covered by shelters so you should be able to watch shows in relative comfort. We will only cancel shows if the weather is extreme - for example, if it is actively hailing, or lightning is so close that it causes a safety concern. As soon as the danger passes we resume our normal show lineup.

In the spring and fall, shows are usually indoors, so rain is not a problem.


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