Yes, we are open! We will remain open through the fall, closing for the season at the end of November. Park is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm, with last ticket sales at 4pm.  See you soon!

Julia Kittelson

“I used to deal with lots of squawking and screeching... now it's tweeting!”

Position: Director of Social Media

Responsibilities: Photographing the world’s largest reptile collection, posting on social media, and assisting with marketing.

Things have changed a lot at Reptile Gardens since 1937. We’ve moved, the gator wrestlers wear shirts now, we’ve painted over the 70’s color scheme, and we’ve added a staff person so we can connect to Guests online. Julia spent 10 years in the bird department, then transitioned to more digital duties in 2019. If you’ve liked or commented on a post this year, she’s the one on the other end responding.

Julia is still developing her photography skills, and the Gardens is a great place to practice. Her favorite things to photograph are the Mt. Mangshan vipers and the bromeliads. She is also learning how to update the website, so if you notice anything that needs attention, please let her know!


Things to know about Julia

  1. She is an avid reader of science fiction.
  2. She is native to the deserts of California.
  3. She once caught a bobwhite out of the air one-handed.
  4. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking in the hills with her family.


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We are unable to offer shows for the 2020 season. Admission rates for 2020 have been reduced to reflect this change. We plan to offer our full schedule of shows for the 2021 season.



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