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Addie Maierhauser

"To quote a midwestern favorite, The Olive Garden: 'when you're here, you're family.'"

Position: Social Media Director

Responsibilities: Taking photos and making videos with the animals (and humans) and posting them on our social media pages. When you private message us or comment on our photos, 99% of the time I am who you are chatting with.

I am working on creating more educational video content, so if you have anything you would like to know more about, please let me know!

Best part of the job: While I miss working with the animals, I feel so much more connected to the staff since taking this position. So for me, the best part of this job is the time I get to spend with each staff member. Because I need to know what is happening around the park so I can post about it, I get to hang out with each department on a daily basis. 

A few things:

  1. Since starting at Reptile Gardens in 2003, she has worked as a gardener and done bird & snake shows.
  2. Besides SD, she has lived in Scotland, Montana, and New York City.
  3. When not at Reptile Gardens, she loves to hang out with her dogs, spend time outside, and read historical non-fiction.
  4. If she could, she would be traveling the world, but she ain't no Rockefeller.


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