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Ownership of Submitted Materials

All original written and photographic materials submitted to the Share a Memory contest on our Facebook page becomes the property of Reptile Gardens. Reptile Gardens reserves the right to edit, reproduce, publish, distribute, and perform this material. If you do not wish to grant such rights to Reptile Gardens, you may choose not to submit material to the Share a Memory contest.

Reptile Gardens also has the right not to post a memory that is inappropriate, and not related to activities or events associated with Reptile Gardens.

Copyright Laws

International and U.S. copyright laws currently in effect will be strictly observed on this website. The contributor is responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions to publish copyrighted materials or previously unpublished materials owned by other persons, and must provide proper citations. By submitting materials to this website, you warrant that the work submitted:

  • is your own work, and that you have the right to make it available to Reptile Gardens.
  • does not infringe on any copyright law and that necessary permissions have been granted for publication online.
  • is not defamatory.

Submission of materials to this website constitutes agreement on your part to indemnify Reptile Gardens against all legal fees, damages and other legal expenses that may be incurred by Reptile Gardens due to your breach of the above warranty.

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