Ray Pawley in his younger days.

Next year, 2012, Reptile Gardens will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. You know what that means? We are planning a fun staff reunion to celebrate this momentous anniversary.

The main reunion event will be held on Saturday, 30 June 2012 at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn from 5PM to 12AM. Along with that, there will be things going on all weekend at the Reptile Gardens. Details to follow as we get them planned. We have 50 rooms blocked out at the Rushmore Plaza for any out-of-towners who would like to stay there.

One of our 1960's talent shows

There are so many hundreds of you out there. We know who you are and have contacts for many of you. However, there are so many we don’t have any contact info for. So please get in touch with us via the reunion form below or any other way. If you know any former RG staffers, please let them know about this and have them get in touch.

Please contact Virginia with any questions or suggestions you have. You can call her at the Reptile Gardens, 605-342-5873 or email her via our web site using this special reunion link:


By the way, we will need to know who is coming so please RSVP to Virginia by 1 May of 2012.

A day in the Badlands for John, Marshall, and Francie


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