Rocks, Fossils, Jewelry, and New Guinea Art!

Next week, we are headed to the world’s largest gem and mineral show in Tucson, Arizona to seek out and buy rare and beautiful rocks, fossils, minerals and who knows what else for our 2011 season. We never know what we will find but there are always new and exciting things offered by the several thousand vendors who come to the show from all over the world.

But that isn’t all we do there. Come visit us in room 130 at the Riverpark Inn where we will be offering hundreds of New Guinea artifacts. The room will be stuffed with masks, figures, jewelry, weapons, and more. The show opens on the 29th of January and runs though the 10th of February.

And come out and visit us in April when we open for the season. Get first pick of all the great stuff we bring back, along with a new shipment of New Guinea art, new T-shirt designs, plush animals, and other great gifts. Don’t forget to get your season pass at that time as well. It is free with your paid admission and with it you can visit the park for free until the end of the year.

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About Joe Maierhauser

I have two main passions: building the premier, most beautiful reptile park in the world and collecting and dealing in the art of Papua New Guinea…so when I’m not researching new opportunities for Reptile Gardens (or trying to keep Terry in line), I’m passionately chasing after my collection of New Guinea art.
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