New Year, New Web Site!

We have just launched a new, totally revised Reptile Gardens web site. Things change fast in the cyberworld and we do our best to keep up. It took months of work by our staff and the folks at Robert Sharp and Associates to get things exactly like we wanted them and it is finally done. We think this new site with its simpler interface will be easier to negotiate – visitors will be able to quickly find what they are looking for. It will also work nicely on mobile devices.

Potential park visitors can see a map and tour of our grounds along with hours, rates, and a coupon for discounted admission. You can meet our staff, read our blog, see historic photos, and photos of our plants and animals.

We are especially proud of the work we did on the reference section about our animals and about reptiles in general. You can find detailed information on the reptiles and amphibians of South Dakota. There is an easy way to contact our curatorial staff with questions about snakes or bugs or plants. And for all those people searching for information on the world’s deadliest snakes, we think we have given them the ultimate resource. I will be posting more about that section of our site in the next few days.

Of course it isn’t finished, and probably never will be so check back now and then to see what is new at the Gardens and what new pages have been added.

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About Joe Maierhauser

I have two main passions: building the premier, most beautiful reptile park in the world and collecting and dealing in the art of Papua New Guinea…so when I’m not researching new opportunities for Reptile Gardens (or trying to keep Terry in line), I’m passionately chasing after my collection of New Guinea art.
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