We already have the world's largest collection of rare reptilians, but we would also like to showcase the world's largest reptiles as well. If you encounter one of these mammoth creatures in wild, your first thought should be to escape. And fast. If you decide to attempt a capture, which we highly recommend you don't, bring your bounty to Reptile Gardens for a handsome reward.

Deliver these rare and record-breaking specimens to Reptile Gardens alive and in good condition and we really will pay you the ransoms listed to the right. We only pay for the reptiles on the list and the pay is not on a sliding scale (a 4 foot rattlesnake won't net you $12,500 'cause we have plenty of those as it is and 10 foot crocodile won't bring in $40,000 either, so don't even bother). Capturing one of these magnificent animals would indeed be a world record - the only type of find consistent with our already world famous collection.


Good luck and happy hunting!*

Scale Poster

*Reptile Gardens is not responsible for lost limbs, pets or children during the capturing process.