Breeding Program

Our captive breeding program was implemented to promote the survival of rare or threatened* snake species.

Carefully considering the impact of our decision to reproduce each species, we only breed the most exotic or unusual snakes in our collection**. Due to our established, long term relationships with a number of Australian Zoos, as well as zoos in other countries, we have been importing captive-bred animals from around the world for many years, and are very selective of the species of reptiles we choose to breed.

  • Coastal Taipan EggsCoastal Taipan Eggs
  • Coastal Taipan BabyCoastal Taipan Baby
  • Coastal Taipan EggsAustralian Brown Snake Baby
  • Samar Cobra BabySamar Cobra Baby
  • Lower California Rattlesnake BabyLower California Rattlesnake Baby

Our current breeding program includes:

  • Coastal Taipans
  • Rough Scaled Pythons
  • Samar Cobra (only zoo to currently breed them in captivity)
  • Lower California Rattlesnakes
  • Australian Eastern Brown Snakes

Our prospective breeding list includes:

  • Mambas
  • Inland and Papuan Taipans
  • Bushmasters
  • Chinese Bushmaster

* A large number of snake species are experiencing a decrease in population due to habitat destruction, introduced predators, over-collection for the pet trade, or hunted for their skins.

** Most of the animals in our collection are zoo trades; they are not captured in the wild. We work closely with local zoos and the governments of our animals’ country of origin. We strictly comply with all foreign and US government regulations.