Sky Dome

Our famous three-level Sky Dome includes the Safari Room filled with a wide variety of tropical plants from all over the globe. The mezzanine level houses our extensive collection of snakes - the largest collection in the world! The lower level of the Sky Dome is where Maniac and his crocodilian friends, along with the amphibians and our BIG BUGS! dwell.

  • Sky Dome
  • Sky Dome
  • Macaw

Tropical Flowers & Plants

This tropical oasis is filled with hundreds of beautiful orchids, bromeliads, and caladiums, along with rare and unique cacti, succulents, and other arid region plants. Along the path you will encounter sculptures from Papua New Guinea and Bali, Indonesia. Hidden among the plants and sculptures are free roaming lizards and frogs.

  • Tropical Flowers
  • Tropical Flowers
  • Sculpture

Exotic Reptiles, Amphibians & Bugs

The Mezzanine Level features our collection of exotic reptiles. Meet the most venomous snakes on earth, the Fierce Snake (we have the only specimens of this rare species in North America), as well as the rarest snakes in the world, the Rough-scaled Pythons (the ONLY rough-scaled pythons in the world outside of Australia), as well as Giant Pythons, Mambas, Cobras, venomous lizards, and rattlesnakes.

The lower level of the Dome houses our Crocodilians, the most famous (and most feared) being Maniac, our giant saltwater crocodile. This area also includes our collection of creepy crawlies – amphibians like the brightly colored (although deadly) Poison Dart Frogs and really big bugs like the giant tarantulas.

  • Snake
  • Tree Frog
  • Tree Snake

Amazing Fossils

For those not particularly fond of snakes and lizards, many exhibits feature fossils, beautiful mineral specimens, photos, and woodcarvings. The Sky Dome also houses a replica of an Archelon Turtle Fossil, the largest ever found. It was discovered by paleontologists a short distance from Reptile Gardens in the 1970's. In spite of efforts by Reptile Gardens' founder Earl Brockelsby to keep the original in South Dakota, it was sold to a museum in Vienna, Austria.


Paintings by the Animal Artists at Reptile Gardens

Most of the resident animal artists can be seen spending their days in the sky dome when they aren't creating original works of art.

Now you can own an original painting by a Reptile Gardens artistic animal. Proceeds go to support the artists (OK, to buy them treats) as well as to three great wildlife charities: Idea Wild (, Galapagos Conservancy (, and Black Hills Raptor Center (

See all of the paintings by our animal artists