Reptile Gardens will be closing at 4:30 on August 13 for a special charity event supporting Idea Wild.

Interested in joining us?
Check out the Jungle Party here!

Reptile Gardens will be closing at 4:30pm Saturday, August 13 for a special charity event. We will be open again the next day. Thank you!


Meet the people that have made Reptile Gardens the amazing park that it is today!

From our humble beginnings as a one man show in 1937, we have expanded into a motley crew of administrators, animal specialists and conservationists. Most of us have either been with Reptile Gardens since birth (it’s a family thing) or fell in love with the place as a young teenager and have been here ever since!

Joe Maierhauser

President, Chairman of the Board & CEO

"I just always knew this was what I was going to do."

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Johnny B.

Public Relations Director

"It’s great working with family. We get along well and complement each other’s talents."

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Jeff Oldham

Sales Manager

"I have a great job, am well supported by an outstanding group of people, and enjoy offering people quality, memorable merchandise."

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Tom Lang

General Manager and Vice President

"I’m so glad I don’t have to wear a tie!"

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Ken Earnest

Head Curator of Reptiles

"Done it all my life."

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Terry Phillip

Curator of Reptiles

"People think it’s dangerous because it’s exotic, but it’s actually less dangerous than working construction."

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David Yahne

Curator of Horticulture

"I love my rewarding job."

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Kathy Maguire

Curator of Amphibians & Invertebrates

"My grandsons think I’m the bomb because I get to work with the creepy crawlies."

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Virginia Garrigan

Human Relations Director

"There’s just something about this place that makes people want to stay."

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