Giving Back

Protect & Inform: Dangerous Reptile Safety

We use our specialized knowledge and skill to advise government officials and train reptile Curators to safely handle dangerous reptiles of all sizes and types:

  • Provide snake and antivenom information to the federal government for multiple US Presidential trips overseas.
  • Training courses for keepers and Curators of many major zoos around the country, including
    • San Diego
    • St. Louis
    • Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha
    • Denver Zoo
    • the zoos in Dallas and Ft. Worth
    • Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle
    • Miami Metro Zoo
    • Tampa Zoo
    • Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo
    • Brookfield Zoo

We also assist animal control officers. Our policy for Law Enforcement situations: "We are willing to help in any way, anytime, anywhere.”

  • In cases that could potentially result in a danger to the general public - a person has a venomous snake for a pet, or someone's large iguana suddenly decides to obstruct traffic –law enforcement officials throughout the country contact us for advice, as well as our facilities and ability to accept dangerous reptiles.
  • We have aided in seizures regarding illegally held venomous snakes in a number of different states.
  • Professional assistance for local and federal law enforcement officials during confiscations.